A life-altering phone call

I hadn’t seen Naomi since we graduated from high school in 1992. I had done something wrong way back then, and it gnawed at me for years.

I needed her forgiveness. When I told her why I called, she had forgotten the whole incident. I felt relief in my head and in my soul. From that moment on, we became friends and eternally sisters in Christ!

That was the leading part of my life-altering phone call…

We knew that she and I are both children of God. Therefore, our conversation, surrounding our God, became God can heal me! I took in that information … and I was shocked! Until that phone call, I had resigned myself to die with this horrible disease. Naomi told me to search God’s Word, the Holy Bible, for verses about God’s healing hand. Jesus healed many people and he raised persons from the dead. So, why couldn’t he cure me? The point is, he can! He could, if he chooses to. Either now or when I get to Heaven. The thought is very comforting. I want you to feel it, too.

I want you to feel the peace that now I accept in my life. Here’s how … next week!



  1. Sadie says:

    Jenn, you are so strong and have a pure heart. Your faith just keeps carrying you through, your time here on earth is not over. God has allowed you to stay here with your family longer then most with ALS. He knew you still had things to do and you needed more time to see your children grow and try to settle into there own life’s. God is good Jenn. He will be taking you home in his time and when he knows you done doing what you needed to do here. ❤️

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  2. OMG, tears!!! I love you!

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