Why I’m Blessed To Have ALS

I remember when I was selfish, into myself, and jealous. I wasn’t very pleasant to be around. Ever since I learned I was diagnosed with ALS, a life- changing experience, I’ve had a lot of time to rethink my attitude, my ways of speaking to others, and my habit of putting myself on a pedestal. I became ashamed, and I wondered what I could do to repair relationships and friendships.

The first thing I did was to ask for forgiveness. That’s when I first called my friend and mentor, Naomi. Second, I tell my family and friends how much I truly loved them. Third, I stopped yelling at people, and started treating them with respect. Fourth, I pushed myself off of that darn pedestal, vowing to never place myself up there again.

So far, nothing has negative has happened, but blessings have I received in abundance! The most poignant thing that has brought me blessings is my change in attitude; God has blessed me for being humble. I’m happy because I’ve helped some people with problems, and led others to Christ. Without Christ, We are nothing.. My greatest blessing is that I have healed my relationships with my children. They mean so much to me.

So, why am I joyful about being diagnosed with ALS? For all of the reasons above, and because I’m a penitent child of God. He loves when His children come to Him in prayer. By the way, if you’ve asked me to pray on your behalf, I pray for you each and every day. I got your back!



  1. I love your introspection in this blog! Another positive was us connecting. I would have never thought that as adults I would be close to my high school choir mate!

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    1. I never would have thought of it either, but you have been a blessing to me!


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