Why I Believe God Chose Me To Tackle ALS

Yes, you heard correctly. I am pleased as pie for God letting me live with ALS. That doesn’t mean I’m overjoyed with my lot in life. But I know why I suffer. It’s because God entrusted me to bear this burden.

My “job” here on Earth is to be a wife and mother to three fabulous people, my children. It also means that my job is not done. Now that my children are grown, I still need to be there for them and pray them; along with dealing with this disease.

What I’m speaking of in title is that our Lord trusted me to bear this burden with the utmost Christian attitude and behavior. I need to pray for their wellness, in this life and the hereafter, before they leave Earth. I have plenty of time for intercession (prayer). So, our God has left me to my own devices; fully expecting me to act as He would.


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