How I Told My Children My Diagnosis of ALS

It was a very sad day. My children … did they have to know right now? They had seen me lose my independence; they deserved to know why. I owed them that. Besides, I didn’t know how much longer I’d be Heaven-bound. I needed them to know that we’ll never take another day for granted.

So, we all sat at the kitchen table, including my now late husband, and I told them, “I have news. You all know I had an appointment with my doctor today, and he gave me terrible news. I have a disease that will kill me, but slowly.” We all broke down and sobbed. I asked my children and my husband to hug me every day and I made sure I told all of them that I loved them every single day; I still do. Now I include my two daughters-in-law and my sweet grandson.

After the crying was over, we hugged, and I asked them if they had any questions. They all said no. I, then, let them go back to their games. I, to this day, am sure I did the right thing in telling my children, but I still wish away that horrible day.


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