Life After My Diagnosis

It started with my legs. Mike helped me walk upstairs for a shower and to get a good night’s sleep in our king-sized bed. The problem with showering was I had to hurry because my legs would give out. Mike waited in the bedroom, attached to the master bath, until I called to him. At that point, he rushed in, grabbed a towel, and ran to me. He opened the shower door and put his strong arms around my waist before I fell. Thank our Holy God that Mike never missed.

We then decided to move our bedroom downstairs to our dining room. All the children helped, even some of their friends who happened to be in our home, visiting. Prior to that, I had been sleeping in a tan, comfy recliner and spending most of my days there. I still had use of my entire upper body, so I worked for an online tutoring service as a tutor for English. I was working on my Bachelors degree in English language and literature, which I completed in 2012. My dad had taken me to a store that sold medical necessities at a discount. There I got my first electric wheelchair that I could drive by myself!

And drive, I did! I would drive to my parents’ home, which was a few blocks away. I also needed it when Mike and I drove across the country. That chair saw the Grand Canyon, Four Corners, Hoover Dam, Death Valley, and so much more! It was the most-traveled wheelchair I ever heard of.


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