Helping Others

When we were living in Florida, I was newly divorced and preparing me and my children to move back up North, we went to the store. I needed a few items for the trip. I let the children choose something that would keep them busy on the long ride back home. However, at the check-out, I was given a horrible blow when I realized that I didn’t have enough cash to buy my children’s toys. As the tears rolled my face, I told them that I didn’t have enough money to purchase their gifts. It broke all of our hearts.

In that moment, my angel appeared. She placed $40 in my hand and told me I could buy my children’s presents. I was shocked. I didn’t expect a complete stranger to help us. After the purchase, I tried to give the change back to her, but she refused to take what I had left. From that moment on, I promised myself that I would help others.

Strangely enough, my children and I were in the same store, except we were up north, when my first opportunity to help someone presented itself. A mother with two young children, found herself in the same situation I had been in, in Florida. This time, she couldn’t even buy apples. I felt for her. I asked her if I could pay for her entire order. She was so happy that I couldn’t help to be thrilled for her.


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