Why I’m so in Love with Life

ALS has been a bane in my life, but it hasn’t stopped me from finding joy in every day. I’ve had two milestones in the last two weeks.

First, my eldest son added a grandson to my grandchildren! I now have Loki and Leon, the loves of my life, along with my children and my daughter-in-law. Oh, how I love them all!

Second, My 48th birthday. I had a party with my immediate family. My children were there, along with my mom. My daughter, who lives in Minnesota with her boyfriend, whom I adore, was present by facetime. I had a wonderful time with my family!

I also had a surprise party with my two out of four best friends, Katrina and Sherry. I was shocked when they came in with a plethora of balloons, gifts, a special cake, and singing “Happy Birthday” smiling their sweetest smiles.

I look around my bedroom, at the gifts and the balloons, and feel the love my family and friends have for me, even on a normal day like this one! There is happiness to find in every day, you just have to open your eyes!

3 John 1:4 – I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth. (KJV)


  1. Jim Cowgill says:

    I love the positivity, Jennifer. Belated happy birthday!

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    1. Thank you! For both the comment and the birthday mention!


      1. I just finished reading your post,”Am I married to a Crazy Cat Lady?” As a former Crazy Cat Lady (before ALS), I can say, definitely, you are married to a CCL! I had a dog and four cats! Starting with my dog, their names are Anderson, Cimmie, Poppy, Siren, and Momo. Anderson, Poppy, and Momo have passed on. My eldest son now has Cimmie and Siren. Keeping with tradition, he and his wife have a dog and four cats. Your story was hilarious!


      2. Kathy says:

        Happy belated birthday Jennifer and best wishes for many more! Thank you so much for your blog.

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      3. You’re so welcome! Thank you for the birthday wishes!


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