I get asked frequently about how I stay optimistic in the face of ALS. The truth is sometimes I’m not happy at all. I cry. I scream (silently, because I have no voice). I get angry. Sometimes I despise living with ALS.

Then I read God’s word and I am comforted. The Bible is chock full of uplifting verses. The Old Testament alludes to a Savior to come. In the New Testament, the Savior (Jesus Christ) is born! The first four books of the New Testament; Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John (otherwise known as the gospels) concern themselves with the pregnancy of His mortal mother Mary, to His early years, to His miracles, and to His death on the cross, His rising from the dead, and His ascension into Heaven.

Then I remember His miracles. Just like the man who Jesus made to walk again, He can heal me, too! Miracles do happen every day!

That changes my demeanor right away. No longer am I angry, nor do I cry or scream. Instead, I am filled with courage, optimism, and a giant love for Jesus Christ, my Savior.

John 5:8 – Jesus saith unto him, Rise, take up thy bed, and walk. (KJV)



  1. Rosemary Monzo says:

    God Bless your faith Jenny, Love you, Auntie Ro

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    1. Love you, too, Auntie Ro!


  2. Jim Cowgill says:

    Beautiful display of faith, Jennifer. Thank you for sharing !

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