I Was Tempted…

Suddenly, my G-tube, the tube that goes through my left side directly into my stomach, is acting up like a spoiled child. This is how I get my liquid food and my multiple medications. It began with the medications not even forcibly going in. My doctor, who graciously makes house calls, came and changed the tube. When it was out, we could clearly see that it was twisted. We thought the new tubing solved the problem. It didn’t.

My physician came to our home, again, and put two stitches at the site. Two days later, he put in two more, because food, bile, and medications kept dripping out. He came today for a check-up. He was happy with how the tubing and my skin looked, but the real test was about to happen. My doctor then took a large syringe and pushed in a lot of medicated water. Nothing came out! I was praising God!

I also received the first of two Covid-19 vaccines. I am prone to panic attacks when I have difficulty breathing, and that was a symptom of the vaccine. My mom gave me a medication to calm me. Since sleepiness was also a symptom, I spent the evening dozing comfortably.

I have a special hospital bed, made for people with bed sores. Monday night, my bed alarmed for the first time. We had no idea what it meant. My sister, who lives next door, came to bring us head phones to lessen the noise of the very loud alarm. Mom put earplugs in my ears, then she added the head phones. I heard the long beeps so minutely that I was able to sleep. In the morning, the bed company sent an engineer to fix my bed. That night, the alarm went off again. Mom dressed my head up as she’d done the night before and as it was 3am, we went back to sleep. When we awoke, the alarm was off. Mom had done some googling and found it was the humidity was the culprit. We had been using a dehumidifier, but Mom decided to put a fan in front of my bed, which is temperature-sensitive, and emptied the dehumidifier before she went to bed. It worked! We both slept through the blessed night.

I firmly believe that the enemy was trying to make me blame God. Doesn’t he know by now that I will never betray my Lord?

Luke 4:13 – And when the devil had ended all the temptation, he departed from him for a season.

You’ll Never Walk Alone

Did you know God is everywhere and at all times? With God encompassing us at all times, don’t you feel comforted? I imagine being safe in Jesus’ hand, all comforted and warm. God (the Holy Trinity) gave us the Holy Spirit, our Comforter, and the third Person in the Trinity.

Since God is everywhere, you’ll never be alone, if you’re a child of God. I haven’t always felt warm, safe, and comforted, for example: the day when I got my diagnosis, or the moment I knew I couldn’t feed myself, and, lastly, when I lost the use of my entire upper body. Those were devastating.

However, I now know to accept change one at a time. In fact, I’m dealing with a new and embarrassing problem right now. Although I’m facing this situation, I know God is doing this for me (giving me ALS and still keeping me happy and useful) and for His glory. And that’s good enough for me.

Enjoy this video:

Hebrews 13:5b – …for He hath said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.